Prague VS Plzen

A trip to The Czech Republic was my old goal. So I couldn’t waste another invitation of my good friend Denies to Plzen again. I didn’t have solo journey for a while. In addition it was the bus trip, so I had a plenty of time to be bored, annoyed, face my demons and watch for 1000th time Terminator 2 on my laptop. As a result I was so much exhausted! But everything has its end and eventually I came to Plzen’s bus station where Denis met me. Meeting with your old friend is the nice award after all!

The city appeared to be small and cozy with typical European historical central part.  As I was told, there is huge industrial zone on the outskirts. But one of the distinctive features of Plzen is that it’s situated on the crossing of four rivers. They are small but they are everywhere. You always can find nice calm place near the water to relax. Or good spot for a long exposure photo in my case.

Plzen looks pretty nice, but I was disappointed by some details. First of all there is a lot of disgusting advertisement signboards on old nice buildings. They look like from the end of 90s on post USSR terrains. The Second thing is some new buildings. I like modern architecture but those few examples near historical look not good.

But generally Plzen is a great small, calm and cozy place. It develops as a touristic city and it is on the right way. There is great and known Pilsner beer brewery (it’s really very tasty beer), the second largest synagogue in Europe and many, many more. Hope to come back there one day.

The Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew:


Not the best example of modern architecture in Plzen:


The city’s Town Hall. Beautiful! Dates from the mid-16th century:

Plzen_Czech_Renaissance Town Hall

The Radbuza river:



The Mže river:


Distance between Prague and Plzen is short. Trip by train takes about 1.5 hour. It’s cheap (~10$ round-trip) and comfortable. I understood that only one day in Prague it’s too little time for sightseeing. I even don’t better mention feeling of some city spirit. But I really wanted to see it! And I decided to take as much as I could. First impression was that Prague is a whore but pretty beautiful. Maybe it’s because of stereotype of its sex tourism. But then I met my pal Andrew who lives in Prague and he showed me more than just popular central part of the city. I understood the capital of The Czech Republic is sexy but with deep soul and large heart. For example Vysehrad is such a great place. You can hide there and relax after all those popular touristic routs full of people. Also one of those places is the island under The Bridge of the Legions. Amazing it’s so quite but it is next to crowded Charles Bridge! As a result I loved Prague very much and for sure I will be back there for longer period!

The Charles bridge (Karlův most):



The view from Vyshegrad:


The view from quite and cozy Střelecký Island:



The view from The Bridge of the Legions (Most legií):


p.s. Thanks Denis and his fiancée Amadine for great hospitality! Guys, I’m really happy to have such friends like you! And of course, Andrew, thank you for being my guide in Prague!