Oropesa del Mar. Begining.

Our next and main checkpoint was Oropesa del Mar, the little resort city with some examples of ancient Spain. There are ruins of the Muslim castle on the top of the hill and the old village around it. I love the streets and those little houses. It is pretty cool to hang around there. But I couldn’t see anything special in that area to make a good shot.

As I told before this is the resort city so let’s hit the beach! They are very clean and… Actually they are normal boring European beaches with infrastructure. But in the evening they become more interesting. And clouds save the situation completely!

Empty beach in evening

Empty beach in evening, long exposure

Empty beach in evening, long exposure

I would like to thank Oropesa people! They didn’t kill all the natural terrain with boring sand for beaches. They had mercy on the beautiful stone cape which divides 2 beaches and a part of a rocky shore. I love this part of Oropesa!



On the north side of Oropesa there is a big recreation and touristic macro complex Marina d’Or. It’s big, it’s huge but even more boring. A lot of different hotels, apartment complexes restaurants and shops are embodied in mediocre architecture. So the most interesting things here are sandy beaches.



So, let’s turn 180 degrees and move to the South! There is my favorite photographic path. It’s going to another resort city Benicassim. It is a great pedestrian and bicycle road with scenic view on every segment. But you will see those views in a few next posts.

And finally here are a couple of photos from Oropesa’s south side or rather the cape of its port.